Ready, Set, Jetset

Join me on a girl’s trip to Italy, where you will form friendships, enjoy bucket-list adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime! It’s no secret that Italy stole my heart and I like to say, “È stato amore a prima vista” (it was love at first sight). One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is, indeed, a dream destination. The food, the wine, the traditions, the fashion (oh, the fashion), the gelato, the iconic ruins, the dazzling seascapes, the people, the pasta, the history, I could go on and on.

A journey to Italy has the power to transform any traveler, leaving an indelible mark on their life. It may be a subtle shift, where one finds themselves embracing the nuances of Italian culture, or a profound transformation that alters their entire perspective. Each time I visit, I am reminded that true fulfillment stems from the love and happiness found in the company of friends, family, and even strangers who soon become cherished friends. When I leave Italy, I immediately start thinking about when I can return. I plan to come back here every year for the rest of my life and I hope you will join me.

I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life, I love the food, I love the people, I love the attitudes of Italians. -Elton John

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Hellen Keller

 5 Reasons to Book the Trip

I truly believe a trip to Italy will change your life and will introduce you to “la dolce vita”. My time in Italy opened my heart and mind to a simple & beautiful way of life. You’ll find that people take their time and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. To see Italy as the locals do, I try to include some of the country’s picturesque small towns on all of my trips. During our adventure, we will enjoy immersive Italian experiences such as cooking classes, truffle hunting, wine tastings, and exclusive tours from local guides. 

Let’s start with the obvious draw of Italy (and my personal favorite): the food! Tradition, quality and passion: Italians do not cook and eat just for nourishment. Italians are passionate about food. You don’t need to count Michelin stars when you’re in Italy. Even the most unknown restaurants serve mouth-watering specialties. Indulge in authentic pizza in Naples, savor fresh pasta in Rome, or enjoy homemade gelato in Florence. And Italians love to feed you! You can feel the love through their food. Italy’s regional specialties offer a diverse culinary journey, and what better way to bond with your girlfriends than over a shared love for food?

Italy’s cities are vibrant and full of life, offering endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Renowned for fashion and quality products, Italy is a shopper’s paradise. Stroll through the fashionable streets of Milan, where you can indulge in high-end shopping and visit world-renowned fashion houses. Rome, the Eternal City, offers a mix of ancient history and modern charm, with its iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a haven for art lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the lively nightlife in Naples or the romantic ambiance of Venice. Italy’s cities provide a perfect blend of history, culture, and entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable girls’ trip.

It’s no secret that Italy is a treasure trove for history lovers, so if you can’t get enough of the museums and architecture, book a trip to Italy. The wealth of history in Italy is so much that it ranks in the top five on the list of most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Rome and Pompeii showcase the best of the Roman times, while Tuscany celebrates the Italian Renaissance and Milan the modern ages. Some cities, like Rome, are open-air museums waiting for you to explore. Even the smallest village offers exciting, sacred buildings and looks back on a rich cultural heritage.

If you love wine, then Italy is the place for you. Wine is part of Italy’s culture and locals welcome visitors eager to explore the vibrant history and heritage surrounding the fruit of the vine. The passion behind the process of winemaking is palpable. Seeing the love and dedication that goes into every bottle is an experience you won’t soon forget. Italian wine is generally known for being robust and easy to pair with food.

Italy is also worth visiting for its people. Italians are loud, food-obsessed, friendly and fun. Italian culture is based on the importance of family and love. Italy is a country that welcomes tourists in the best possible way.

From its rich cultural heritage to its scenic beauty, culinary delights, and vibrant cities, Italy offers an unparalleled experience for female travelers. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the coast, immersing yourself in history and art, or indulging in the finest cuisine, Italy has it all. The memories created during a group girls’ trip in Italy will be cherished for a lifetime. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure in the captivating land of la dolce vita.

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