Social Media Marketing: The Sky is the Limit

Social media marketing gets more complex every day. And it’s more important than ever to be part of the conversation. Whether you already have social media profiles or need to start one from scratch, Jetsetter Social experts are ready meet you where you are and tailor social media strategies to your business objectives. Our energy is infectious, bringing knowledge, expertise and playful creativity to every project we work on.

At heart, we’re tourism experts. We help guests fall in love with your destination by developing meaningful marketing strategies that reach your target audiences and promote your business partners. You receive all the benefits of a full-time marketing team without the cost of hiring internally.

In addition to creating the content, we will help you monitor and engage with your online audience. We know that timeliness is essential to the tourism and hospitality industries and to your business. That’s why, unlike other larger agencies, if you have an urgent project timeline, we can deliver – often within 24 hours. By allowing us to worry about your social media, you can spend more time doing what you do best, running your Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Our Philosophy

Our social media strategy begins with content creation, and we generate a consistent stream of quality content that not only represents your brand, but elevates it. Rather than chasing an algorithm that won’t stand still, we prioritize achieving sustainable results that align with your company’s vision and mission. Whether it’s writing the perfect caption, designing an infographic, or producing captivating videos, Jetsetter Social’s team of writers, designers, videographers, and photographers deliver a high-quality package that you can use across your social media platforms.

Jetsetter Social Services Include:

Social Media Strategy

We eat, breathe, and sleep social. We’re with you every step of the way to help you create meaningful conversations that spark engagement, loyalty, and business. We’ll work with you to understand the unique position of your destination and business partners to create a strategy that is optimized for your needs. Whether it’s evaluating the social strategy you already have in place or starting from scratch, Jetsetter Social’s team will develop a strategy for you to get the most out of your social media marketing. From analyzing your competition and planning content to monitoring your audience and assessing growth, we’ll make sure you feel confident about the benefits of your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to developing your owned social media channels, Jetsetter Social can help you leverage the unique benefits of paid social media advertising. Paid ads on social media are more cost-effective than traditional pay-per-click advertising on Google, allowing you to target the searcher instead of the search term, more effectively reaching your target audience. Jetsetter Social experts will help you drive more conversion from your paid social ads, from conception to assessment.

Facebook Management

Facebook is one of the most populous social media platforms and is often the first place potential visitors will go for information and reviews. Leveraging Facebook through frequent quality content will create a community of Facebook fans around your destination. Jetsetter Social will manage your Facebook page, writing unique content and posting high-quality images and videos that establish your brand image. With valuable content, you can build genuine relationships with visitors and residents of your destinations increasing your engagement and social visibility.

Instagram Management

Instagram is the most visual social media platforms, where pictures really are worth a thousand words. Our team of talented social media copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers will work together to create exciting and beautiful content that will keep your audience loyal and engaged. Frequent and consistent posting will help maintain brand consistency. Jetsetter Social will also help you make the most of visitors and influencers who share content from your destination to increase the spread of word-of-mouth marketing.

Community Management

When local businesses come together to support each other, they foster collective success and an image of cooperation that is all the more appealing to potential visitors. Jetsetter Social’s team of experts can help you develop and maintain your community of local business partners to increase your visibility and reach. Cross-promoting with local businesses will expand your reach to an already engaged audience. We will identify opportunities across the web and your social media profiles to utilize your local community in support of your social media strategy.

Content Creation

Our team creates engaging and click-worthy social media content. We have experience growing audiences through interesting, beautiful, and valuable content. Good content drives engagement and can make the difference between a successful and a lackluster social media marketing strategy. From blog posts and social media captions to infographics and videos, whatever you need to elevate your brand, our highly skilled writers, designers, videographers, and photographers deliver. Consistent streams of engaging content will keep your destination at the forefront of your audience’s mind and work to more successfully promote your destination and your local business partners.

Graphic Design

Jetsetter Social’s talented graphic designers can create a host of products for your business needs. Whether you need a compelling ad, beautiful infographic, or updated branding elements, our designers will work with you to establish a consistent brand image.

Influencer Outreach

Using a trusted network of travel bloggers, we can align your CVB with influencers that will introduce your destination to a relevant and already engaged audience. In turn, Jetsetter Social will help leverage the new content to further enhance your social media marketing efforts. We influence travelers to dream about your destination and inspire people to go places.

Social Reporting and Analytics

We know that quality content performs, but we want to show you exactly the results you’re getting. Using comprehensive analytics software, we can show you your growth, engagement, and reach. Beyond the raw numbers, we’ll help you understand the meaning in the metrics by translating what increased growth can mean for you and your local business partners. Real-time reporting allows us to be constantly optimizing your content and strategy, no matter how the attention or algorithm changes. Jetsetter Social can analyze performance across your social channels, including paid campaigns.