About Jetsetter Social

Jetsetter Social is a boutique social media marketing agency focused on serving a small number of quality clients. We help connect local businesses and brands in the tourism and travel industry to existing and new target audiences through strategic social media marketing. We are a team of creators. We marvel, strategize, create, manage, optimize, & produce stunning creative content that tells a story to your customer. Learn more about the team behind Jetsetter Social below:

Jaime D. Huffman – Creative Director

Jaime Huffman is the Creative Director and Founder of Jetsetter Social. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, she founded Jetsetter Social after a successful career in social media, marketing, and public relations.

Before she moved to the Holy City, Jaime attended the University of South Carolina where she received her degree in Public Relations & Marketing. She graduated college right after Facebook dropped the .edu email requirement, which opened up social media to everyone over the age of 13. Jaime had used the platform while in college and knew it would be an important aspect of marketing one day but had no idea it would transform into what it is now. Her first job right out of college was as the PR Coordinator for a women’s ministry. She helped them launch social media channels and started a blog right away. 13 years later, she’s still working in social media. 

As a social media marketer and travel writer, Jaime has combined her education and passion for travel, photography, and people while advocating for businesses in Charleston. Jaime regularly works with visitors’ boards and tourism agencies to produce local travel guides that collaborate with efforts to increase tourism. Jaime also uses her marketing expertise to help local Charleston clients grow their audience.

JOHN A. & Katie C. – Photographers

Katie has been a wedding photographer for over 12 years. Traveling for weddings only fueled her love of exploring new places! Katie met Jaime in 2017 at a photo shoot, and they’ve been friends and working together ever since. Katie’s photography style is colorful and true to life, meaning she likes to make people and places look like they do in real life. When people look back on the photos, Katie wants them to know that this was exactly how it was. She loves traveling to take lifestyle and detail photos of the places she visits. So far, her favorite trip she’s ever taken was to Ireland with her now husband, John. They had just gotten engaged a few months prior and it was her first time overseas, but what really made the trip special was that she got to see where her grandmother grew up in Donegal. They spent a whole week in Donegal in gorgeous northwestern Ireland.

John has been a photographer since 2012, working alongside his wife Katie at weddings, but also photographing things like headshots, TV shows, models, landscapes, and vintage cars. His style of photography is candid and editorial with a little bit of filmy grit to it. When John travels, he most enjoys taking photos of the scenery at sunset or sunrise, with and without people in it. An ideal scenic portrait for him would be something like mountains in the background with people sitting around a fire chatting with each other and a Jeep or Land Rover Defender in the frame too. John wants his photos to feel either like a candid photo of you enjoying the space or like it’s an ad for a travel company. John’s favorite trip was to Greece, before he was a photographer. Seeing all the endless blue and white buildings in person was amazing, and he took so many photos. It was a trip that definitely sparked his interest in becoming a photographer, and a place he’d love to go back to now that he is one.